Internet sensation Liane V shared her journey as an influencer for good at It’s A Girl Thing Manila 2018, and doled out tips on how to stay motivated. 

Welcome to Manila

From braving Manila traffic to answering questions during a press conference to taking a Jollibee break (naturally) to doing sound check for the event, Liane V documented her trip to the Philippines for It’s A Girl Thing 2018 in her behind-the-scenes vlog.   

During the press conference, she also shared some valuable tips to her fans, telling them not to take negative comments personally. “You can’t please everyone,” she reminded them, adding that what’s important is to stay true to yourself and not lose yourself in other people’s expectations.

An Influencer for Good

“I want to be remembered for being loved by everybody as a person who helped influence people to do their best and follow their dreams,”  she told the audience at the event. 

She credited her parents for coming up with the goal of being an influencer for good, saying,  “I was raised to influence and inspire the world. My parents have been such a tremendous blessing in my life, and I [looked to] them as an example [on how] to love others and show compassion.”

She added, “[As Filipinos], we’re very connected to our family roots, so that’s where it comes from.”

As for staying motivated, she told her fans, “Make sure you know your worth because the industry can distract you. You don’t have to settle for less. You are important and you have a purpose. If you’re alive, if you’re still breathing, God still has a plan for you and your life is important.”

Showing Off Her “Wild Side”

Her single “Wild Side,” that is. Switching from inspirational influencer-slash-motivational speaker to singer, Liane V took the stage once again to perform her song in front of her fans.

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