Ladies who are redefining the world

Get a dose of girl power from our multi-talented IAGT FAM who are leading the way for girls everywhere.


Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit, Previously known as Rickshawali runs a girl-centric comedy channel on YouTube popularly known for the new spin that she brings on the day to day activities of Indians and most importantly women, through her comedy sketches. Beyond delighting her audience with comedy, she continuously tries to raise awareness on her channel by talking about topics that are considered taboo, like periods. This lead her to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and interact with former President Barack Obama in 2019 due to her continuous efforts of inspiring women and girls of all ages.


Anne Gauthier

Anne is an absolute #girlboss. Founder of Behind the Scenes. Owner of an indie screening company… while organising immersive events! A firm believer in Filipino talent, she hopes to see the country’s arts scene continue to grow and evolve.



An all-round personality, Anushree handles being a television host, actor, anchor, dubbing artist and influencer flawlessly. This fierce girl started her career in television as an anchor in a phone-in music show named Tele Anthyakshari on Namma TV, a television channel based in Mangalore.
An actress and a winner of hearts, she has several accolades to her credit, including the Karnataka State Film Awards for Murali Meets Meera.
She has also hosted several stage shows such as Suvarna Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, TV9 Film Awards, Zee Music Awards, SIIMA Awards, Celebrity Cricket League to name a few.


Aranya Johar

Aranya Johar is a 22 year old poet that uses spoken word to start conversations. She is the youngest Indian to be featured on BBC’s Top 100 Influential Women. Aranya is also the youngest and only Indian member of the G7’s Gender Equality Advisory Council. She has worked on dismantling gender inequality alongside personalities such as Emma Watson, Bill and Melinda Gates, Malala Yousafzai, and more! Her piece ‘Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender’ has over a billion views and has been translated into different languages. Aranya is making waves, both, as a poet and young adult on the internet with a voice. She also loves pani puri almost as much as poetry.


Asha Negi

Born in Dehradun Uttrakhand, Asha Negi was crowned Miss Utrakhand in the year 2009 and eventually moved to Mumbai to kickstart her acting career. She is a television actor, best known for her character Purvi Deshmukh in the TV show, Pavitra Rishta. She has won many awards including the Fresh Face Female at the Indian Telly Awards. 


Asia Jackson

She taught herself to code at 11, appeared on TV shows like Modern Family, and most recently, the talented half-American half-Filipino actress and digital creative started a global movement #MagandangMorenx to challenge colorism and celebrate diversity of beauty in the Philippines.


Audrey Goh

She teaches, she dances, she dreams, she acts, she’s Audrey Goh, otherwise known as ‘sparrowonweed’. There are only a fair few things that can stop her from chasing her dreams: her 4 cats, 2 frogs and 1 very sturdy goldfish.


Audrey Lim

Audrey has dedicated the last decade to exploring every facet of the entertainment industry, with experiences ranging from radio presentation, documentary hosting and stage work; to music performance and music management; to entertainment law and content creation. Audrey also co-opened a semi-fine dining restaurant in 2018 that earned a mention in the 2019 Michelin Guide.


Avani Awasthee

“I don’t want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection.” Crowned Miss Tourism Metropolitan India 2019, Avani Awasthee is the youngest Indian to have travelled to Antarctica, twice as an environmental ambassador for India. This environment crusader is not only the youngest Indian polar explorer, but also a model and TEDx speaker.


Aylna Neo

Previously known for her antics on Night Owl Cinematics, Aylna has continued to remain a leading personality within the beauty and lifestyle space. It’s no wonder she has more than 130k followers on Instagram.


Barkha Singh

Barkha is an actor and an internationally acclaimed content creator known for her unique travel and lifestyle content for which she has won awards. A very popular face on the web, Barkha has also been the brand ambassador of a range of brands in India and abroad and now is venturing into films starting with House Arrest. Fun fact: Barkha is a crazy animal lady and prefers dogs over humans.


Bea Benedicto

Actress, model and host of TV5 comedy news show Kontrabando – Bea juggles these amazing roles without a trickle of perspiration. The only time you’ll see her sweat? When she’s up in the gym, just working on her fitness.

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