Is It’s A Girl Thing just for girls?

Absolutely not. It’s A Girl Thing is for everyone – girls, boys, parents, and even Grandma is welcome to rock out with us if she’s up for it. ?

What is the minimum age to attend It’s A Girl Thing?

Anyone, no matter how young and old, can attend It’s A Girl Thing. However, if you are 12 years old and under, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 years old and above) to attend the show and Meet & Greet session.

Where will It’s A Girl Thing be in 2020?

In an ideal world, we would be on a world tour ?. But for now, It’s A Girl Thing will be landing in Mumbai and Manila. Give us a shoutout if you want us to visit your country, and we’ll try our best to make it happen! 

I want to attend. Do I need to purchase tickets?

Nope! Our event is free of charge (a big thank you to our lovely sponsors again). However, we are a ticketed event so you will have to sign-up for tickets.

How do I get tickets to It’s A Girl Thing?

Once we have scheduled our next It’s A Girl Thing event, information on ticketing will be made available on this website and via our social channels.

Oh no, I drank expired milk in the morning and now I’m late. Can I still enter?

Yep. But our event is jam-packed into an exciting two hours, so do try to be punctual so you can enjoy every moment of it.  

Which influencers will be there at It’s A Girl Thing?

The line-up for every event may vary. So check it out here.

I want to meet my favourite artiste. How do I get meet and greet passes?

We’ll be hosting giveaways. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to find out!

What should I bring with me?

Bring your phone, cameras, selfie sticks – whatever you need to immortalise the fun you’re about to have. Letters for your creators if you want to, and of course, cash for food and all the cool merch we’ll be selling. 

What are the rules about food and drinks? 

Feel free to bring your water bottle and a small snack (yeah, we all feel peckish sometimes). But there will be tasty food and drinks available at It’s A Girl Thing.

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