Upcoming Event

India, Feb 2023

4 to 5 February 2023

Gates Open 11:00am

MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai

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India, Feb 2023

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Ladies Room

As the name suggests, Ladies Room is all about real advice about very real situations by iconic women that we admire and respect. Be it boys, our bodies or being true to yourself, “Ladies Room” has everything covered.

Woman Crush

Who runs the world? GIRLS! A panel that celebrates women, with one inspiring story at a time, “Woman Crush” features some of our favourite women & their fearless approach towards life.


All you need after a hard day at work is a light-hearted show with feel-good conversations. “Unwind” is a panel that involves fun conversations for when you need that extra warmth and comfort.

Center Stage

Giving all the feels, we have “Center Stage”, a panel that brings art from artists we love. It is all about celebrating artists & the magic they create. Be it spoken word, storytelling or music, the panel makes sure the magic will not be missed out on.

Agree to Disagree

Showing us that we can’t avoid a difference in opinions, but can deal with them in a respectful manner we have “Agree To Disagree”. It is a safe space for women to have healthy discussions and conversations that matter.

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