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In a world where young women are constantly told how they should look, be and act, we wanted to shine a light on what it truly means to be a girl. And then shine it all over the world.

That’s why we started It’s A Girl Thing. A platform with a purpose – where girls can come together and celebrate everything joyful and important about it. To bring this idea to life, we’ve organised a one-of-a-kind entertainment meets education festival every year since 2016.

Through powerful narratives and performances by our line-up of extraordinary women, we want to pour a simple message into the hearts of young women – that they, too, are electrifying, courageous and phenomenal.

Meet our team

Emma Louise Fung

Gina Lama

Jasper Donat

Libby Vine

Nipuna Perera

Roxy Yuen

Sammy Shirra-Moore

Sheila Kurup

Timi Siytangco

Vinnie Quek

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